About Hutton Chemicals Ltd

As of 1st April 2016, Hutton Chemicals Ltd ceased operating in the petrochemicals listed on this website. These will be handled by a separate company, Hutton Petrochemicals Ltd. Hutton Chemicals Ltd will be concentrating on other interests in future.

Hutton Chemicals Ltd was founded in 1991. It is an independent private British company specialising in petrochemicals, having close links with companies in Russia and the Baltic States.

The principal product areas are petrochemicals including aromatics and paraffins. Our product range finds its way into many industry sectors including textiles, oilfield chemicals, plasticisers, plastics, fuels, lighting, solvents and detergents.

Individuals in the company have particular expertise in business with Eastern Europe over a long period, as well as the transportation and sale of bulk chemicals in the plasticiser and detergent industries.

HCL House

During 1992 the company entered into negotiations with ICI Plc to purchase assets from the ICI on Teesside and a new company called Cleveland Chemicals was established to manufacture surfactants, amine oxides and quats at Billingham. This venture was backed by a leading venture capital firm. Subsequently Cleveland Chemicals was sold to the Suter Group (now part of Dow Chemicals) and is well established at Billingham.

Since 1991, Hutton Chemicals has grown substantially and sells aromatics, paraffins, linear alkyl benzene and propylene from associated companies in Russia. Principal suppliers are large oil and refinery companies in Russia and Western Europe. We had a turnover of £125 million in the financial year 2007/ 2008 and are included in the list of the top 100 companies in the North East of England.

Principal customers of the company are the leading petrochemicals and detergent producers in Western Europe and the USA. Hutton is a bonded supplier of tied oil products in the UK selling in its own right.

Through membership of the Russian British Chamber of Commerce, Hutton Chemicals has offered consultancy services to emerging Russian groups as well as Western companies wanting to do business in Russia.